Damien Hirst

Depression, Anger, Bargaining, Denial, Acceptance, 2008.

Butterflies and household gloss on canvas

If the rest of you out there are feeling the same things that I am this holiday season, it isn’t a stretch to say that the overall mood of this xmas is detachment.  The country is going to shit, the police state is rapidly gripping its leathery hand tighter around our throats, and the idea of Big Brother’s ubiquity is neither alarming or astounding, simply commonplace it seems.  This holiday season is packed full of  too many electronic handcuffs for me this year, but I’m dealing.  I think they call that coping…and new music is the cure.  Get the remedy below, it goes well with egg nog and brandy, I promise.

Ariel Pink-Dinosaur Carebears

Opus Orange-The Next World

Jack White-Parallel

Budos Band-Aphasia

Kindness-8th Wonder

Opus Orange-Balance

Cristopher Denny-Radio

How To Dress Well-A Power

Flying Lotus-Dead Man’s Tetris


Acceptance or Denial

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Random Ramones


Enjoy some tunes.  I got most of these pics here, and really that’s about all I have to say about that,…and I believe the Ramones would be happy with the brevity.  Keepin’ this post short and sweet.


Download Link-Ramones Live at the Whiskey Ago Go 1977






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Back in the Saddle



Mellowhype- Gang


Body Count-Talk Shit, Get Shot

 Mastodon-Once More Round the Sun

La Roux-Uptight-Downtown


The Stepkids-Wanderers

 Naomi Shelton and the Gospel Queens-What Is This

Ed Shrader’s Music Beat-Pantomime Jack


Ab-Soul-Tree Of Life


Half Japanese-Brave Enough

SZA-Child’s Play

Shabazz Palaces-Forerunner Foray

Cold Specks-Old Knives

Wolves in the Throne Room-Bridge of Leaves

Swans-Some Things We Do

Lee Fields-In The Woods

Reigning Sound-My My


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Return of the Skate


After a little more internet researching I’ve found lovely bloggers, and forum squatters interested in the roller rink.  Granted these posts are nearly half a decade old.  Trendsetters.  Enjoy tunes…

 come on and do it

roller boogie-vocal version

the roller boogie

hell on wheels

top jammer

good girls

all for one, one for all

takin’ life in my own hands

we got the power

love fire

rollin’ up a storm

lord is it mine


summer love

electronix roller dancing

evil man

bounce, rock, skate, roll

lets all chant

roller skate

roller disco deep


you clapper



also you should head over here and hear this lil nugget…


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Comp-Down 2013


Hello out there from the universe of the Donut.  I’ve been instructed to inform the people of earth about the sacred re-issues and compilations that graced the airwaves in 2013.  Here’s a lil taste of 30 of the most killer comps from last year…


Purple Snow: Forecasting the Minnesota Sound (Numero Group)

Mind and Matter-Sunshine Lady

The Lewis Connection-Higher


Lee Hazlewood Industries-There’s A Dream I’ve Been Saving 1966-1971 (Light In The Attic Records)

The Woodchucks-Angry Generation


Choubi Choubi Vol. 2-Folk and Pop Sounds from Iraq

Ahmad Al Indibat-Bye Bye Bye

Khoder Hadi-Watad


London Is the Place For Me Vol. 5-Latin, Jazz, Calypso, and Highlife From Young Black London

Buddy Pipp’s Highlifers-Ghana Special

Lord Kitchener-Cricket Umpires


Sorrow Come Pass Me Round-A Survey of Rural Black Religious Music

A re-issue of a re-issue of a re-issue.  This is like the inception of compilations.

Babe Stovall-When the Circle Be Unbroken

Willard Artis “Blind Pete” Burrell-Do Remember Me


Grime 2.0


TC4-Lazer Riddem


Dabke: Sounds of the Syrian Houran

…soon you will be able to tell the difference from Iraqi music and Syrian music…

…here’s some tunes from this killer Dabke comp…

Abu Wafsi-Deg Deg Dagdeglo

Ahmad El Kosem-Love Is Not a Joke


Book A Trip 2-More Psych Pop Sounds from Capitol Records

review of this comp here…


Shik Shak Shok: Psychedelic Music For Belly Dance, Lebanon 72-85

Daniel Dar Sahakian-Raksat Baladi


Scared To Get Happy: A Story of Indie Pop 80-89

here’s a lil music from disc one…

The Nightingales-Paraffin Brain

The Dolly Mixxtures-Everything and More

and some info about this huge collection…


Eccentric Soul: the Forte Label (Numero Group)

James Whitney-With Fun In My Life

The Rayons-Baby Be Good


Punk 45: Kill the Hippies, Kill Yourself-The American Nation Destroys Its Young, Underground Punk in the US vol. 1

The Electric Eels-Agitated

The Deadbeats-Kill the Hippies


Acid: Mysterons Invade the Jackin’ Zone-Chicago Acid and Experimental House 86-93

Acid Wash-Hallucinate

Cool McCool-World Turns Around


Change The Beat-The Celluloid Records Story 79-87

Ginger Baker-Dust To Dust

Toure Kunda-Amadou Tilo


Music For Dancefloors: The KPM Music Library

Duncan Lamont-Funky Express (Re-Edit)

Barry Morgan and Ray Cooper-Samba Street


Keb Darge and Little Edith’s Legendary Wild Rockers Vol. 3-a Collection of Rare Rockabilly and Surf From the 50s and 60s

Joe Lee and His Orchestra-Hang Out

The Shindigs-Thunder Reef


Greek Rhapsody-Instrumental Music From Greece 1905-1956

Alexis Zoumbas-Arvanitiko

Ag. Tombouli-Raftaki


Stand Up, People-Gypsy Pop Songs From Tito’s Yugoslavia 64-80

Saban Bajramovic-Dzemila

Muharem Serbezovski-Ramajana



Enjoy the Experience-Homemade Records 58-92

Jade-Music Slave

Joe E.-Come On Sign


Mirror To the Soul: Caribbean Jump-Up, Mambo and Calypso Beat 1954-77

The Fabulous McLeverty’s-Don’t Blame It On Elvis

El Gran Combo-Baila Mi Shing A Ling


Jerome Derradji Presents: Kill Yourself Dancing-The Story of Sunset Records Inc. 1985-89

 Michaelangelo-You Can Do It

Modern Mechanical Music-Persia


Mutazione: Italian Electronic and New Wave Underground 1980-88

Neon-Information of Death

Winter Light-Always Unique


Kenya Special: Selected East African Recordings From the 70s and 80s

The Loi Toki Tok Band-Ware Wa

The Rift Valley Brothers-Mu Africa


New Breed Blues With Black Popcorn

a review of this one here.


Trevor Jackson Presents: Metal Dance 2-Industrial New Wave EBM Classics and Rarities 79-88

SPK-Metal Dance

23 Skidoo-Coup In The Palace


New Orleans Funk 3: Two Way Pock A Way, Gumbo Ya-Ya and Mardi Gras Mambo

Lee Dorsey-Little Baby

The Dixie Cups-Two Way Poc A Way


The Rise and Fall of Paramount Records 1917-32

Now this one took some dedication, thanks to Jack White’s Third Man Records


Philly Regrooved 3: Tom Moulton Remixes-From The Master

New York City-I’m Doing Fine Now

Philly Devotions-I Just Can’t Say Goodbye


Movements Vol. 5

Jimmy Gilford-Nobody Loves Me Like My Baby

Lil Buck and The Top Cats-Monkey In A Sack

Vol. 6 is out now


Fading Yellow Vol. 15: Sunshowers-US/Canadian Popsike and Other Delights

find out all about these comps on their tumblr…

and a bunch more re-issues and cool releases from last year, here…


also check this comp. out, its only available on vinyl…I Need You Bad it documents the current sound of Bay Area rockers.

…another dude’s lists here.

and a little taste of a new comp from 2014.


Sergio Endrigo-Canzone Per Te

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Return of the Funny


Keep on laughing well into the year.  Don’t ever lose that imagination you had as a child…or listen to some dirty stuff and download it for free.

Lenny Bruce-Tits and Ass

Lenny Bruce-Separation of Church and State

Bill Hicks-The New Living Bible

Eddie Murphy-Richard Pryor

Reggie Watts on WNYC


Richard Pryor-Niggers Vs. The Police

Lenny Bruce-How Hitler Got Started

Belle and Sebastian-Funny Little Frog

Bill Hicks-Flag

Richard Pryor-Chinese Food

Reggie Watts-Binary Existence

Laughing Audience

Laughing Stock

Reggie Watts-Butter Toast

Brook Benton-Funny How Time Slips Away

Richard Pryor-Our Text For Today

Deerhunter-He Would Have Laughed

Chop Chop-Funny Funny Ideas

Holograms-Laughter Breaks the Silence

Dennis Brown-Funny Feeling Dub

Brian Posehn-Monkey Birthday

Lenny Bruce-Father Flotski’s Triumph Unexpurgated

Flying Lotus-And The World Laughs With You


Pissed Jeans-Bathroom Laughter

50 Cent-Funny How Time Flies

Richard Pryor-Excorcist

Professor Nuts-Funny Guy

Blitzen Trapper-Laughing Lover

Orbital-Funny Break/One Is Enough

Part Time-Funny Moods

About Group-Make The World Laugh

Reggie Watts-Wanna Get

Reggie Watts-The Artists Organization

Zombie Vandals-Funny Haired Kids

Ffunny Ffriends


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Best of 2013…Soul/Funk Albums


This here my best of 2013 list…and of course it is limited to the best of soul and funk-ish, music last year.  Since that’s what we know about over here.  I’m not sure anyone even reads this stuff but I’ll say a few words from the soul about each of the albums.  Enjoy, and download the heck outta some stuff ova heay.  Here’s the top 25 soul/funk albums of 2013.

25.  Adrian Younge Presents…The Delfonics


Back from near extinction the Delfonics are laying down some iconic windy soul.  The distinctive vocals and live production make this album a must hear.  You can catch Mr. Younge backing the likes of Ghostface Killa, and the Souls of Mischief as well.  Check him out over at waxpoetics.

Adrian Younge Presents the Delfonics-Enemies

24.  The Bamboos-Fever in the Road


Holy Mackerel…do these blokes ever stop or even slow down.  They almost made the list last year too.  Constantly throwin’ down a form of revitalized soul/funk from down unda.

The Bamboos-Helpless Blues

23.  Melt Yourself Down-S/T


Free form jazz and experimental funk instrumentation is not dead, and Melt Yourself Down is here to prove that fact.  So get hip to it hipsters…or more like beatniks.

Melt Yourself Down-Release!

22.  Mayer Hawthorne-Where Does This Door Go


The boy has lost some of his edge recently, but he’s traded it in for a shiny glossy pop sound that fits him well.  The music on this album still exudes a confidence and character matched by few, as Mr. Hawthorne faithfully looks to the past for inspiration.  This baby still got soul.

Mayer Hawthorne-Back Seat Lover

21.  Orgone-Fuzzed Up


Now seemingly veterans in the game, Orgone is still presenting us with the raw, gritty, funky stuff we like to dance to so much, adding a rockin’ edge to the milieu.

Orgone-Hannibowls Revenge

20. Nicole Willis w/ the Soul Investigators-Tortured Soul


Over the years this group has put out countless hits and backed numerous talented artists, including Myron and E, who you will find down the list further.  This effort finds the band experimenting with different styles and sounds, but always landing back firmly on all fours like a cat.  They don’t call them the Soul Investigators for nothin’.

Nicole Willis and the Soul Investigators-Light Years Ahead

19. Rhye-Woman


Probably the smoothest ish you will hear all year.  Swimming in soul, floating around in a dreamland of tropical, laidback grooves that are so infectious you will be hooked instantly.


18.  Alice Russell-To Dust


Adding a hint of electronic experimentation to the mix on here, Miss Russell still stands out as one of the most beautiful voices in the industry, and she still can muster the soulful crooning as well as anyone.  Check out the interesting instrumentation on this album, you’ll be sure to dig it.

Alice Russell-For A While

17.  Mop Mop-Isle of Magic


A fine mix of African rhythms and drums, mixed with great guests, and fun jams.  Soul, funk, afrobeat, and world collide in this ecclectic journey around the world.

Mop Mop-Run Around

16. The Sweet Vandals-After All


Comin’ outta left field, this disc is soo solid and soulful it’ll have you wondering what decade this is.

The Sweet Vandals-Waves and Wings

15.  Frootful-Heavyweight


Much like the name implies, this release from the fine people over at Freestyle Records is true heavyweight soul in the style of Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions.  I’m all in.

Frootful-Baby It’s A Fine Line

14.  Owiny Sigoma Band-Power Punch


Not just traditional African highlife music here.  This album mixes the sounds of modern pop and disco, into the mix of African instrumentation, the unique nyatiti lyre.  Attempting such a feat is no problem, pulling it off is another matter all together, and this band has got it down perfectly.  This disc is highly addictive.

Owiny Sigoma Band-Harpoon Land

13.  James Hunter Six-Minute by Minute


Specializing in an authentic form of soul and r-n-b revival sounding like its from early in the 60s, the James Hunter Six gives us the real goods on this newest release.  A gem.

The James Hunter Six-Heartbreak

12.  Elvis Costello and the Roots-Wise Up Ghost


I was reluctant to put this on the list because Elvis Costello isn’t really my idea of a soulman, but after listening to this, I have to hand it to em, they made some soulful, funky, and relevant tunes.

Elvis Costello and the Roots-Walk Us Uptown

11.  Myron and E w/ the Soul Investigators-Broadway


These talented young men know just how to croon over the Soul Investigators hot instrumental work, seamlessly floating through slow soulful numbers and bangin’ funk jams.

Myron and E-Broadway

10.  Lord Echo-Curiosities


I guess you could call this Indie-Funk.  This young man from NZ has been toiling away on his work for years now and has given us this solid sophomore effort of unique beats and rhythms.  Moving away from his reggae tinged work with the Black Seeds, Mike Fabs the producer and multi-instrumentalist has banged it home with this Lord Echo release.

Lord Echo-Street Knowledge

9.  Booker T.-Sound the Alarm


Great album from the Memphis soul/blues legend.  Still stroking the organ with the best of them, this album combines Booker’s classic style with cross over appeal and fun guest stars.

Booker T.-Sound the Alarm

8.  Willis Earl Beal-Nobody Knows


This young man has come onto the scene strong, and its no wonder, since it seems to me that he’s channeling Otis Reddings ghost.

Willis Earl Beal-Burning Bridges

7.  King Khan-Idle No More


An album according to Khan himself, that is “about the state of the world we live in today.” The soul/psych/garage griots haven’t let down, and have probed into dark corners.

King Khan and the Shrines-Darkness

6.  Luke Temple-Good Mood Fool


Perhaps not 100% soul or funk, this album can be anything it wants to be, its more than good enough to make it high on this list.

Luke Temple-Florida

5.  Charles Bradley-Victim Of Love


There’s very little I need to say about this album.  It has the Menahan St. Band, and a veteran pimp of the soul game, Mr. Bradley.  Don’t miss him live in his red suit.

Charles Bradley-Where Do We Go From Here

4.  Lady-S/T


These ladies know what’s up with putting together a great soul record, I expect big things from them in the future.  This brand of soul/funk revival is authentic and sweet, a great disc for fans of 60’s Motown.

Lady-Tell the Truth

3.  Mavis Staples-One True Vine


The combination of Jeff Tweedy and Mavis Staples was a match made in heaven, as evidenced by the amount of gospel influence on this album.  However that does not deter the non-religious person from thoroughly enjoying this near masterpiece.  With the amount of soul output on this album its enough to turn the non-spiritual into a regular snake handler.  This one’s so good it nearly made me weep.

Mavis Staples-Can You Get To That

2.  Jamie Lidell-S/T

Jamie Lidell 1

With amazing chops that can’t help but remind you of Prince, this release from early in the year has enough soul and feeling to power it through all year long, and to land it high on the list for best of 2013.

Jamie Lidell-What A Shame

Jamie Lidell-I’m Selfish

Jamie Lidell-Do Yourself a Favor

1.  The Stepkids-Troubadour


…and finally the number one spot.  Troubadour by the Stepkids.  The second full length from this experimental pop jazz combo, couldn’t have come at a better time.  When this album dropped the scene was awash in indie hipster core, and dreamy bedroom gaze.  Thankfully the smooth, jazzy tunes on here were a needed breath of fresh new air.  Mixing enough soul, funk, and fun beats to get a dance party started, this album also has important introspective tracks that aptly tells the tale of a group of serious musicians trying to make a difference in an atmosphere of musical hive mindedness.  Pandering to the masses is not what the Stepkids do, instead they find their own musical inspiration and run wild with it, popular or not.

Quoting the website, newalbumstreams, they say, “when you manage to attract the short attention span of Odd Future’s Tyler, The Creator you know you’re doing something right. On The Stepkids’ second album Troubadour it’s hard to pinpoint what that exactly is, but their kaleidoscopic blend of sixties psychedelica, seventies soul and modern production techniques sure keeps fascinating.”  Yup, true.

The Stepkids-The Lottery

The Stepkids-Sweet Salvation

The Stepkids-Moving Picturesad

Miley Cyrus - Wrecking Ball Music Video

So you see, even sluts on wrecking balls couldn’t ruin 2013.

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